The Gallery

Welcome to The Gallery. Here you can scroll a chronological timeline (In descending order) of what I consider to be some of my grestest works.

Ashes Logo Remake - 8/6/23

Remake of the logo for total conversion DOOM mod ashes 2063

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Button-up Barry - 8/6/23

Simple 2-bit sprite art of one of the main characters from the cult classic "Rat Movie" by Jeremy Elbertson 'Jerma985'

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Master Porky's Theme (Remix) - 8/3/23

A remix of Porky Minch's battle theme featured in MOTHER 3

Tree'sed to meet you! - 7/31/23

A simple tree.

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Grass tileset WIP - 7/30/23

A work in progress of a simple grass tileset

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Sans and Papyrus BIG resprites - 7/28/23

Larger resprites of the skeleton brothers, Sans and Papyrus.

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Ruins monsters BIG resprites - 7/27/23

Larger resprites of Toriel, dummy, and napstablook.

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F-F-FIRE!!! (Remix) - 7/26/23

A remix of f-f-fire! a song featured in MOTHER 3

Flint - 7/24/23

Sometimes, you'll run through fire and flames for the things that you love.

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New age retro-hippie - 7/15/23

A messy sketch of Earthbound's new age retro-hippie.

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Pepper Redesign - 7/4/23

A Redesign of one of my first and most favorite OC's, Pepper! I've always loved their design but felt it to be a bit to plain... this redesign serves to rectify this as well as establishing some mechanics around how his fire magic powers work.

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I'm currently going through a massive backlog of all of my art i've posted online so it will take a while for everything here to be fully up to date.